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De'halin is a Pathfinder world created by Devin Jensen for use in his weekly RPG game.

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The date is RS 1000. The current day is Warmfrost 33.

De'Halin also has a vast History.


  1. Cal'Notar
  2. Draum
  3. Gordanfall
  4. Island of Knowledge
  5. Kregis
  6. The Mystery Isles
  7. Tierius
  8. The Wastelands

Custom Content

  1. Classes
  2. Spells
  3. Items
  4. Feats

House Rules

A varity of house rules are in play in De'Halin

Luck points

You get 1 luck point per level. They never come back, even if you switch characters. Any player can use a luck point (once per round) to change a roll by 1 (up or down) or force a reroll.


If you die, you are dead. There is no resurrection in my campaigns. (Very, very few exceptions. I might allow each player 1 res, but they have to find an in game way to pull it off)


Doesn't work as well in my campaigns. The "miss chance" is much, much higher.


Are always considered to be 2 levels lower than you.


Are considered a chaotic neutral act (by the gods) if used for "good" purposes.


You pass out at -1 modifier and die at your -con.


You can retool your character. Small things that don't "define" your character may be retooled with my permission each level. Big things must be discussed and there has to be an RP reason behind it.


Each sessions' notes will be posted on this page.

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